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CAHU’s Healthy Solutions: Workable Health Care Reform

Posted by Alan on March 4, 2007

I’ve devoted several posts to criticizing other health care reform proposals. It’s easy to do. There are no perfect answers, only difficult choices. But as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said when he introduced his reform proposal, the status quo can no longer be everyone’s second choice. It’s incumbent upon everyone involved in the heatlh care reform debate to offer their solutions and then to work with others toward a package that is workable. As one of my political mentors, Cathy O’Neill, put it: “the issue is not whether a proposal is perfect, it’s whether it makes things better.”

I’ve had the priviledge of late to help the California of Health Underwriters (CAHU) develop their reform proposal. Called Healthy Solutions, it’s a comprehensive reform package that, if implemented, would lead to universal coverage in a responsible, affordable manner. Here’s the proposal: CAHU’s Healthy Solutions

One of things we did with Healthy Solutions is not only lay out our own reform package, but to articulate the elements against which all proposals could and should be measured. These “requirements for reform” are what CAHU believes needs to be the result of new laws:

  • We believe any reform package must ensure that all Californians have basic health care coverage.
  • We believe reform must neither bankrupt families nor the state
  • We believe reform must provide the state’s diverse population with equally diverse health care choices.
  • We believe reform must promote ongoing and long-term innovation and experimentation that enable the state’s health care system to adapt over time to the evolving needs of its citizens.
  • We believe reform must address and constrain skyrocketing medical care costs.
  • We believe reform must provide consumers access to meaningful information and expert advice and counseling from licensed professionals.

There’s a lot to Healthy Solutions and in future posts I’ll expand on several of it’s provisions. For now, I hope you’ll take a moment to review it and let me know what you think.



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