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Budget Battle Outcome Should Concern Single Payer Advocates

Posted by Alan on August 23, 2007

California liberals have rarely had it so good. Democrats dominate the Legislature. The most recent gerrymandering almost guarantees the most extreme members of each party will be elected, which for Democrats means they have an undeniably liberal caucus. And as an added bonus, Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger is about as liberal as a Republican chief executive as Democrats could ask for. It simply doesn’t get better than this.

Yet, the budget finally enacted by this Legislature gives tax breaks to rich Californians buying yachts and takes money away from our most needy residents.  Think about that for a moment.

  • Liberal golden age. Money in the pocket of yacht buyers.
  • Liberal golden age. Money out of the pocket for the poor and elderly.
  • Yacht buyers win. The poor lose.

Yet advocates of a single payer health care system want to give monopoly-like authority to the state government for the health care coverage of every Californian.

If this is what happens during the liberal’s golden age what happens when the conservatives have their day in the sun? (Is anyone so naive to think that will never happen? The Democrats in Congress were in 1994 and the result was Speaker Newt Gingrich).

There’s a lot that needs fixing in today’s system. Completely politicizing the system is no solution. Single payer advocates should look at the budget their champions passed and be afraid. Very afraid.


One Response to “Budget Battle Outcome Should Concern Single Payer Advocates”

  1. Single payer advocates also need to look around the world. Other then being able to say everyone is covered those governments are facing a similar healthcare crisis as we are in California and the US as a whole. Increase taxes, reduce benefits, ration care and or access to the latest pharmacy. Tough choices!

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