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California Health Care Reform: Public Maneuvers

Posted by Alan on August 24, 2007

The budget passes the Legislature and, within hours, the negotiations over health care reform goes public in a big way.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tells the Sacramento Bee editorial board he’ll veto the Legislative Leadership’s bill, Assembly Bill 8 (view post), if it places the entire burden of funding reform on business and lacks a requirement that all Californians obtain health care coverage (sometimes called an “individual mandate.”). He later indicates a willingness to bring Legislators back from their Fall recess in special session to assure health care reform plan is passed this year (view post).

The Democratic Leadership complains that Governor Schwarzenegger’s individual mandate would require a two-thirds vote of the Legislature, meaning it would need Republican votes. They point out that such a dynamic blocked passage of the state’s budget well pass the Constitutional deadline and question the Governor’s ability to deliver any Republican votes. Now Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez is planning to drive this point home. In a clip of a press conference posted by the California Majority Report today, he committed to introducing the Governor’s health care reform plan as legislation and bring it to a vote on the Assembly floor as early as next Friday, August 31st. His challenge to Governor Schwarzenegger: deliver Republican votes.

I’m sure there’s lots of negotiations going on behind the scenes, but public activities is a lot more fun to watch. It also demonstrates how serious leading lawmakers are to actually get something done. And quickly.


One Response to “California Health Care Reform: Public Maneuvers”

  1. John said

    Alan, I just found your blog, and appreciate your taking the time to update everyone on health insurance legislative developments. I started a blog several months ago and have encouraged my client and data base to visit blogs with news feeds and get involved. A huge problem in this country is that people simply don’t take the time to do research and get involved. Many wind up voting for issues without reviewing or considering all the facts. My position is simply that a purely universal health plan managed by the government will be a disaster. This type of plan will have to be funded, and if enacted on a national basis, could lead to cuts in other programs like Medicare. Beauracratic red tape will also be an issue in a plan of this nature. The public perception today is that all insurance companies are profit oriented with little concern for the public’s welfare. It is my belief that a compromise plan needs to be devised that addresses the issues of affordable guaranteed issue without creating more problems than the new system resolves. This is a daunting task, and people like yourself need to stay involved and lobby for what you feel will work for the general populace. Thanks for your involvement.

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