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The First Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog Unscientific Survey

Posted by Alan on October 23, 2007

In the previous blog I asked readers to offer report rumors or offer guesses concerning the fate of health care reform in California. After all, the demonstrators are making noise and the negotiators are keeping quiet. So it’s not like there’s a lot to report.

So it occurred to me a more formal survey of readers opinions would be kind of fun. Enter (which, along with its cousin, are very useful sites). And thus the first Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog Survey was born. It’s a short one and should take less than two minutes to complete. As this is an experiment (meaning I’m using SurveyMonkey’s free service) only the first 100 responses will be counted. So be a charter member of this totally unscientific focus group. I’ll report the results soon.

Click here to take the survey. 



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