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A California Health Care Reform Round-up

Posted by Alan on December 18, 2007

Health care reform took a giant step forward yesterday with the Assembly’s passage of ABX1-1 (Nunez), the compromise package ironed out by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. As my previous post pointed out, enacted of reform is still very much up-in-the-air. I’ve been getting lots of questions about what happened and what’s going to happen. So I thought readers might benefit from a list of sites and documents they can use to get caught up. As I discover new material I’ll add them to this post.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s web site has a video of his press conference lauding the Assembly’s passage of ABX101.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s office even prepared a Summary of ABX1-1, The Health Care Security and Cost Reduction Act (Governor’s version). Needless to say it glosses over a few problem areas, but it’s useful to see how the Governor sees the compromise.

It takes two to compromise: here’s Speaker Nunez’s press release concerning the Assembly’s passage of ABX1-1.

And it takes three to have a troika: here’s Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata’s press release and letter to the Legislative Analyst asking for a review of the impact of ABX1-1 on the state’s finances. There will be a lot of pressure on Senator Perata to move quickly to get the Senate to move the health care reform proposal forward. However, during a story on San Jose’s CBS affiliate, Channel 5, on Monday Senator Perata described the bill as “DOA.” The statement is made about 3:15 into the clip. After CapitolAlert posted these comments, Senator Perata’s spokeswoman Alicia Trost clarified the Senator’s position: “We need to know the details of the financing plans as well as the details of the budget before the Senate takes it up. We remain committed to passing health care reform and getting it done right, but we only get one shot at doing this correctly.

If you’d like to read the bill for yourself, here’s the place to get the full text of ABX1-1. This page also provides information concerning the vote on ABX1-1 (46 ayes, 31 nays). For those looking for a short cut to learning what’s in the bill (good training for becoming a legislator) here’s the official Bill Analysis of ABX1-1 delivered to Members prior to the vote.

The California Health Care Foundation FAQ on ABX1-1 and what comes next is worth reviewing. They also have updated a summary of the compromise health care reform bill on their site.

The folks over at Health Access have a post providing a blow-by-blow account of the Assembly Appropriations Committee vote on ABX1-1. They also offer a summary of the bill. (Their blog doesn’t have a search feature, so if there’s a lot of new posts, you’ll want to find the ones dated December 18th).

Health Access has a “support if amended position on ABX1-1. The California Nurses Association are in outright opposition (This link is to a press release published before ABX1-1 was amended on December 17th. However, I doubt any of the changes appeased the Nurses Association which is adamant the only solution is a single-payer solution).  Senator Sheila Keuhl take a similar view of the Governor and Speaker’s compromise

For perspectives from the right on the compromise health care reform package, take a look at this post by Joel Fox, president of the Small Business Action Committee (written before the vote, but still relevant) and this op-ed piece published in the Orange County Register by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore of Irvine.

Happy reading.


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