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Another California Health Care Reform Round-up

Posted by Alan on December 20, 2007

A couple of days ago I provided links to documents, articles and web sites describing the Health Care Security and Cost Reduction Act passed by the Assembly on December 17th. Those were predominately focused on the facts surrounding ABX1-1. Now that folks have had a few days to look things over, opinions about the compromise health care reform package pulled together by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez are emerging. Here’s a round-up of some of the more interesting ones:

Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton writes about the need for policy makers to heed the forthcoming review of the financial impact ABX1-1 will have on the state’s finances being prepared by the Legislative Analyst, Elizabeth Hill, and her staff.

Anthony York, over at the Capitol Weekly web site dissects some of the politics behind the Assembly’s mostly party-line vote on ABX1-1. Not to give away the ending, but he suspects the motivation might have something to do with an issue that rhymes with “germ inhibits.” The nature of political give-and-take is further examined in a Los Angeles Timesarticle written by Michael Rothfeld. It seems some last minute amendments to the health care reform package benefited unions which, in a coincidence of timing, poured $1 million into the “Yes” on Proposition 93, the germ inhibits — I mean, term limits — initiative.

Sacramento Bee columnist Daniel Weintraub wrote an interesting piece on how the Governor and others are insisting the Health Care Security and Cost Reduction Act is in keeping with Republican Party principles. He even offers polling to support the claim. GOP Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, writing in the Orange County Register, would, I believe, beg to differ (Note: this article was cited in the previous California Health Care Reform Round-up).

The San Jose Mercury News editorial board likes much of what they’re reading in ABX1-1, but thinks Senate President Pro Temp Don Perata is right to make sure the state can afford the plan. The Contra Costa Times editorial board agrees and is willing to have the financing initiative targeted for the November 2008 ballot if that’s what it takes to assure the Health Care Security and Cost Reduction Act won’t break the state’s piggy bank.

As I wrote about earlier today, the Los Angeles Times editorial board’s endorsement of ABX1-1 would make Alfred E. Neuman proud. The editorial board at the Los Angeles Daily News concludes ABX1-1 is the best comprehensive health care reform package California is going to see for awhile, so they’re hoping it moves forward.

I’m sure there will be more opinion pieces worth reading, but hopefully this is a helpful start.



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