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The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog Unscientific Presidential Survey #1

Posted by Alan on January 3, 2008

Iowa has voted. And yes, the turnout there was very large — for Iowa. But hey, we’re the readers of this blog. And we have opinions about the presidential candidates, too. America needs to know who the readers of this blog support!

OK, actually, America could care less, but hey, with all the 24 hour news channels, they’re going to need something to write about. And the candidate’s blogs — they’re starving for something to write about. A strong finish here could make their front page. Or their back page.

So here’s the Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog Unscientific Presidential Survey. It’s fast, it’s easy, it might even be fun. You’ll be able to indicate your second and even third choice. You can also identify the issues that matter to you most.

This poll closes the evening of January 7th: the eve of the New Hampshire primary. I’ll try to post results sometime on the 8th, but no promises. And you may have noticed the headline indicates this is Survey #1. There will be at least one more of these opportunities to shape destiny before Super Duper Tuesday, February 5th. That’s when California plus a slew of other states have their primaries (a slew being “23”). It’s also when most of the candidates will collapse with exhaustion. By doing more than one we can report on trends, just like the real surveys do.

It’s too late to save the Biden and Dodd campaigns, but your vote could keep your candidate in the race through New Hampshire and beyond. Sure, it’s unlikely, but anything is possible in this election.

This survey is unscientific, but that’s no reason to skew it up completely. Please, vote early, but vote only once. Stuffing the ballot box will make it even less meaningful than it already is.

So, what you waiting for? It’s a two minute survey. Get to it.


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