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Introducing the Alan Katz Politics Blog

Posted by Alan on January 11, 2008

Blame it on the primaries. In the past few weeks several of my posts have had a lot more to do with politics than health care reform. Writing those posts were fun and, hopefully, someone out there found them interesting. However, those missives aren’t what thisblog is about.

So today I launched a second site: The Alan Katz Politics Blog. It’s where I’ll post these “off topic” items. Most of my time and attention will still be devoted to this blog. But when the political mood hits I’ll post something on that blog. For those who might want to read both (I’m talking to you, Mom) I’ll mention here what I’m posting there (and vice versa).

Developing this health care reform blog has been a great experience. Thank you for taking the time to peruse it now and then, for your comments and your feedback. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of the new site. And I hope you’ll check it out now and then.



2 Responses to “Introducing the Alan Katz Politics Blog”

  1. Alan said

    First I’ve heard of it. And I wonder if they were referring to life or P&C or health carriers. I guess we’ll know in three weeks. However, I don’t place a lot of credibility on political talk shows, so it may come to nothing.

  2. Phil Kirkpatrick said


    I am hearing fairly good source information that many insurance companies own the mortgage liability for real property loans and within 3 weeks there will be hard times in our industry. Inuendo on an afternoon politcal show. What do you know?


    Phil Kirkpatrick

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