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Not That Obama Needs My Advice

Posted by Alan on January 25, 2008

Senator Barack Obama got hammered by Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator John Edwards on his health care reform proposal at their debate earlier this week in South Carolina. Senator Obama’s focus is on making coverage affordable; Senators Clinton and Edwards emphasize universal coverage. If he continues to let his opponents define the debate this way they win and he loses.

For those who might find it interesting, I discuss how what happened in California provides a way for Senator Obama to reframe the Democratic debate on health care reform over at the political blog.


One Response to “Not That Obama Needs My Advice”

  1. dan luke said

    When either Clinton or Edwards speak of universal coverge, the are getting away with a small deception since most Americans would naturally associate this with government sponsored health insurance. This, in fact, is not what they have in mind. They simply mean coverage for everyone, and to get this accomplished both Clinton and Obama want to use the private system that we have now. It’s a little like President Bush’s Medicare program.

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