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Lessons Learned: California’s Health Care Reform Effort

Posted by Alan on March 11, 2008

Health Affairs, a highly regarded public policy journal, has been conducting a thoughtful online roundtable concerning California’s unsuccessful health care reform effort in California. The insights are useful and well worth reading. With comprehensive health care reform moving to the federal arena for the next couple of years, whoever occupies the White House next year could learn a lot from the California experience.

The participants in the Health Affairs roundtable are all experienced public policy experts who were deeply engaged in California’s health care reform debate. Indeed, the roundtable’s only shortcoming is that all the participants were, to one degree or another, advisers to or supportive of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s health care reform proposal. A more diverse panel would have been enlightening. Nonetheless, each of those involved were not only qualified, but offer meaningful insights. The panel was comprised of:

  • Rick Curtis, President of the Institute for Health Policy Solutions(IHPS).
  • Rick Kronick, Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine and an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at UC San Diego. He was also a Senior Health Care Policy Advisor in the Clinton Administration and participated in developing that Administration’s health care reform package.
  • Patricia Lynch, Vice President of State Government Relations Services at Kaiser Permanente.
  • Ed Neuschler, Senior Program Officer at IHPS.
  • Lucien Wulsin, Project Director of the Insure the Uninsured Project. He was also the chief aide to Assemblyman Burt Margolin responsible for developing AB 1672, California’s successful small group heath care reform package passed in 1992.

Links to their postings, in the order presented, follow:

For those interested (i.e., Mom), here’s a link to my post on lessons learned from California’s Year of Health Care Reform. It’s not nearly as erudite as the others, but hey, it’s my blog! <g>


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