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Posted by Alan on July 8, 2009

This blog is run on software provided by (it’s very easy to use and I highly recommend it). They just added a new feature that might be interesting for readers: the ability to recommend posts and comments you think other readers might find interesting – or to warn your fellow readers away from them.

As a new feature, WordPress is still working out some of the kinks. For example, the ratings a post or comment receives does not yet appear on the home page of the blog. To see the recommendations – or to make one – you’ll first need to click on the title of a post. According to some of the forums, the WordPress folks are working on getting the recommendations to show on the home page, but it’s not all that easy so it could take some time.

Whether this function enhances the blog remains to be seen, but I figure it’s worth testing out. So please feel free to recommend – or warn against – what you read here, both the posts and the comments. We’ll see how things works out and if folks find it useful, we’ll keep it.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Recommend Posts and Comments”

  1. Dale Stoltz said

    What’s you thoughts on this?
    This idea (proposal) is for cutting cost and providing better care for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. Please if you like it pass it on as your own. Use this idea as a spring board to build upon it. I see this idea benefiting those of us outside Medicare, Medicaid by maybe stabilizing and possible lowering our tax rate in the future. I believe the best and quickest bet for now, tort reform. Along with my idea.
    We have (We the people) Social Security Offices, Welfare offices……
    I propose we build our own Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals for our Medicare, Medicaid recipients in each and every County, Parrish, and District..
    There are about 3114 Counties Parishes, Districts ect….. in the United States.
    If we could build a forty five bed 15,000 square foot Medicare, Medicaid Hospital at 200 dollars a square foot. It would cost three million dollars for one Hospital. Now add another three million to complete it. Our Medicare, Medicaid hospital with 45 beds would come in at six million dollars. We could build a Medicare, Medicaid Hospital in every county in the entire United States for 18,684,000,000 Lets call it Twenty Billion with the leg work. One architect, one low cost design.
    Now some counties will have more population than others. I’m aware of that. So for fun let’s double the number of Medicare Medicaid Hospitals and spread it out later. We now have 30,000 Square foot and ninety beds per county. Cost to build, Forty Billion Dollars. Perhaps we could use some of that Stimulus Money to build and set this up.
    Now I don’t know what the true average cost for nightly care in a public hospital or what we might be paying for it is. But I know this. If we saved 400 dollars per day per patient per room with our Medicare, Medicaid Hospital we would save 40,917,960,000 That pays for our Hospitals in one year. Do the math. That’s Forty Billion return in one year.
    Now lets build our own manufacturing plant in say Michigan? We build our own Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs, Walkers, ect. We now ship them to our Medicare, Medicaid Hospital to distribute and be returned when no longer needed. We just did away with rental costs and who knows how much fraud.
    We could have our own diagnostic equipment and pharmacy right there in our own Medicare, Medicaid Hospital. No more paying two, three times the cost for medication.
    Now about staffing the thing. How many I wonder have the gifted IQ to become a physician and not the funds. My idea would be to give free education along with room and board. Same goes for the nurses. You can quit us only with all educational and boarding moneys up front, in full, and with interest. For now we staff it best we can.
    All in all Medicare, Medicaid Reform can be had here. No telling how much money could be saved. Records kept on all patients at all Medicare, Medicaid Hospitals. Next step Medicare, Medicaid nursing homes.

    Dale Stoltz
    Jacksonville Texas.

  2. Michael said

    We don’t want socialist government run health care in this country. Just ask the people in Canada and England how bad their health care is. Ask them about their relatives who have died waiting for health care. Ask them how long they have had to wait in agonizing pain for their appointments. I for one had a Canadian niece who died because the doctor was not allowed to see her before her government appointed time. Americans ; Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, you do not want Government run health care. This is another government boondogle to totally control your lives. Ignore the slick advertising on television. It is all lies. Wake up Wake up Wake up. Please!!! If you do not come to your senses and reject this Government attempt at absolute control of everything, you will be sorely regretting it later. I do not write this for pleasure. The United States of America is in serious trouble from the people who have been trying to tear us down since our beginning. The time for pettiness and smallness has passed. Our lives are in serious danger from this administration and this congress. Please call your Senators and your Representatives and tell them that you are not going to stand for a Dictator government in America. If they fail to listen, vote them out. Be brave my brothers and sisters. we are in the fight for our lives!

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