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The New Health Care Reform Resources Page

Posted by Alan on November 7, 2010

As promised, I’ve added a resources page to this blog. The page provides access to a broad range of information and tools with the goal of making it easier for brokers and their clients to find the information they need to make informed decisions.

Currently the resources page provides items ranging from copies of the two bills that make up the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to tools for determining if grandfathering your current medical plan makes sense to timelines to news sources.

My thanks to all of you who suggested sites and tools – many are included on this list. And many more will be added to the list over time. For the launch of the page I’ve focused on more “hard” resources (news sites, official FAQs, etc.). Moving forward I’ll add links to sites offering views and analysis of health care reform from across the political spectrum. So please continue to recommend additional resources.


2 Responses to “The New Health Care Reform Resources Page”

  1. Jim Diani said

    Hi Alan,

    I was at my Doctor’s office yesterday for a personal medical appointment and we got on the subject of Health Care Reform/Obamma Care. He asked me if I was aware that in the new Reform(PPACA)included is a real estate tax of 3.8% starting in 2013 when someone sells their home? I responded that I did’nt have a clue. He stated that the 3.8% tax was a charge over and above any normal closing cost or real estate commmissions that a person would be pay in selling their home. I was blown away! He told me to Google it when I got home, which I did and from what I am reading it sure sounds like he may be right. Before I send this to everyone I know including my clients can you please comment if you find this to be true, or if you’re are already aware of it?

    Jim Diani

  2. Thanks for the Resource page. The information in the blogs you link to will come in handy as I work with my clients here in Texas and with rookie agents through my blog for them.

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