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Trailblazed Book Goes Digital

Posted by Alan on November 13, 2010

Off topic, but … as is apparent from the book cover appearing on the right of this page, I’ve written a book. Titled Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success the book reports on the findings of a study my consulting firm, the Alan Katz Group, conducted to identify the practices, procedures and perspectives common to high-growth producers (those achieving 20% sales growth year-over-year), but not to their less successful colleagues.

The book has been doing well (thank you all) and has been available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for some time. (And those of you who have read it and liked it, please feel free to leave a review on either of those sites. For those who read it and didn’t like it, please feel free to leave a nice review for a Tom Hopkins or Jeffrey Gitomer book).

As I give speeches about the Trailblazed Sales Project Study, I’ve been asked if the books were available in digital format. I can finally answer “yes.” Trailblazed is now available for Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Nobles Nook, and Apple’s iPod through the Kindle or Nook apps. The eBook version of the Trailblazed includes the exact same content as the real world book, but contains a lot more pixels.

We now return to the regular Alan Katz Health Care Reform blog already in progress.


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