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Presentations 2007

On this page are presentations I gave during the 2007 health care reform debate in California.

Health Care Reform 2007: A Summary
Presented: California Association of Health Underwriters Convention (Los Angeles), October 25, 2007.
Topics Covered Include: This is close to the version John Lovell and I presented at the CAHU Convention. It covers why health care reform is a major issue now, a brief timeline concerning the health care reform debate in California, a summary of AB 8 and the Governor’s plan, areas of difference between the Governor’s plan, AB 8 and CAHU’s Healthy Solutions plan.
Health Care Reform 2007: A Summary

Trends in Health Care 2007: Challenges and Implications
Presented: Santa Barbara Association of Health Underwriters (Pismo Beach), October 4, 2007.
Topics Covered Include: A discussion on how health care reform became the #1 political issue in California and recent events leading up to the current special session. In addition there is a summary of key provisions of current proposals and of CAHU’s comprehensive health care reform plan, Healthy Solutions.
Trends in Health Care 2007 –SBAHU — October 4, 2007

CAHU’s Healthy Solutions
Presented: Central California Association of Health Underwriters, May 3, 2007.
Topics Covered Include: Summary of current California health care reform proposals and a detailed discussion of CAHU’s comprehensive health care reform plan, Healthy Solutions. This includes the policy behind the proposals and a walk through of its Access, Financing and Cost Containment provisions.
CAHU Healthy Solutions — CCAHU — May 3, 2007

Health Care and Insurance Legislation: 2007
Presented: Ventura County Association of Health Sales Symposium, February 23, 2007
Topics Covered Include: Political context of the health care reform debate in Sacramento; description of proposals currently under discussion; description of CAHU’s Healthy Solutions health care reform proposal.
Health Care and Insurance Legislation: 2007 – VCAHU – February 23, 2007

The Individual Market Drum Beat 
Presented: Inland Empire Association of Health Underwriters’ Sales Convention – February 1, 2007.
Topics Covered Includes: Evolution of the political drum beat for health care reform; differences between “Political Reality” and “Real Reality”; meaning of debate to health insurance agents; and actions required of health insurance agents.
Individual Drum Beat – IEAHU – February 1, 2007


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  1. Alan, thanks for all of the hard work that you do and for making difficult ideas easy to understand.

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