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We’re Back … and with a New Address. Please (re)Subscribe

Posted by Alan on October 17, 2015

Hello. Once upon a time you were kind/distracted/confused enough to subscribe to the Alan Katz Health Care Reform blog. Thank you. Writing the blog was lots of fun and I appreciate you’re having been part of the community that formed around it.  The blog has been on hiatus, but now it’s back with a new name, slightly expanded focus and a new web address. Continuing to subscribe to the blog is easy: visit the new site, enter your email and click on the Subscribe button.

New Name and More Topics

The new blog is now simply called The Alan Katz Blog. (OK, it’s a bit literal, but at least it’s accurate!) While the nearly exclusive focus of this blog was health care reform, I’m branching out a bit with the new one. Putting health care reform in context will still be a major topic of conversation. Now there will also be posts on politics, business, technology, privacy and more.

Most of the readers of the original blog were health insurance professionals, health care reform junkies and my immediate family. The new blog will continue to appeal to this audience. We’ll just spend some time laughing at the antics of presidential candidates, extolling the virtue of Doctor Who and poker, and touching on whatever else seems of interest. It should be fun.

New Web Address Means New Subscription Sign-up Needed

Having a new web address for the blog means that, if you want to receive an email when there’s a new post, you’ll need to subscribe again. I apologize for the inconvenience. Fortunately, it takes only about 10 seconds to do. I hope you will.

All the best,


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