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Health Care Reform Resources

Understanding health care reform is no easy task. These resources can help. This list is admittedly arbitrary and subject to change. Many of these resources were suggested by readers. If you’d like to nominate a resource simply leave a link to the site or tool in the comments section, below.

For brokers, the best single source of information on health care reform is available through the National Association of Health Underwriters. Membership in NAHU is required to access this material, but not only is membership well worth the investment, it is critical for any broker concerned with the future of their profession.

Just the Facts: Analysis and opinions have their place (in the next sections, actually), but sometimes what’s needed is source material:

News: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will evolve over time. Some news outlets worth following to see what’s happening include:

  • The Hill’s Healthwatch Blog often has stories first and is a great source for inside-the-beltway information.
  • If anyone scoops The Hill, it’s most likely going to be Politico Pulse, a reliable source concerning the politics of health care reform.
  • The New York Times offers a health care reform section.
  • Kaiser Health News also has a health reform section, perhaps the most complete one around..
  • Reuters has a health care reform section, too.
  • Separating fact from fiction is hard, and there’s plenty of both when the topic is health care reform. Check out the St. Petersburg Times’ to get the straight scoop – use to the key words “Health Care Reform”
  • The AHLAlerts: American Health Line’s Blog, published by American Health Line, is a source for daily updates on health care reform developments with a smattering of opinion pieces thrown in to spice things up.

 Analysis and Opinion: Here’s some folks who may help you make sense of all this health care reform news:

 Tools: Brokers not only have to understand the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, they have the added responsibility to make sense of it to their prospects and clients. Here’s some tools that may help:

 Other Sites: These were recommended by various folks as worthwhile resources for health care, health care reform, and related topics. They reflect perspectives from across the political spectrum:


4 Responses to “Health Care Reform Resources”

  1. Pierre-Evrard T. said

    We know the reform although regarded as a significant political victory, continues to be a major mystery. This comprehensive reform jointly passed by the congress and the house have caused heated and passionate debates making thus news coverage. Both democrats and republicans besides their fundamental political differences come to an agreement. This has been acclaimed as a victory for the uninsured. The reform is supposed to correct a long discrimination in equally accessing health services. Yet, the majority of the Americans have difficulty understanding its provisions. In his blog,you try to simplify the language to make it accessible to any average reader. You also explain the different changes made and what patients should expect. Mr. Katz,you did an incredible job, which unfortunately, seems to speak to subject-matter experts only. One can spend extensive time on this blog and not fully understand. Of course, this is a personal impression and I wish the language was in a much easier style. The blogger’s intent is great but the target may be missed! This blog have so much valuable information.

  2. Chris Conover said

    Nice work. Here’s more resources:

  3. Kim Warren said

    You have posted some fantastic information. All of these resources will be helpful to me so I can keep track of all of the regulations in the new health care law.

  4. Thanks Alan. This is a great resource “library” for me when I write my blog and try to keep my clients informed. I appreciate your time and effort!

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